How to Implement a Fundraising CRM System

International technology company Blackbaud Europe recently released a guide designed to set up a charity’s fundraising CRM project for success.

From the smallest initiative to the biggest organisation out there, running a charity isn’t easy.

It is a constant struggle to raise enough money for the charity’s cause, at the same time working with what resources it has available to deliver the services or products that people rely on.

So, any help a charity could get would obviously be welcome.

This is where a charity CRM can make the difference and can help put an organisation on the path to long-term success.

A CR..what?
A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system allows charities to collate all their supporter information in one place, simplifying their operations and allows them to work faster, easier, and aims to reduce manual and repetitive tasks.

Most CRMs also have functions and tools to help a charity discover what works and what doesn’t in a charity’s fundraising strategy.

However, a charity should not settle for the first CRM that they find. The way that charities work varies from one organisation to the next, so using the right system which matches that group’s needs is just as important.

International technology company Blackbaud Europe have recently released a FREE guide designed to help set up a charity’s fundraising CRM project for success.

From what to prepare and expect when putting a given system in place, through to the importance of maintaining and making the most of a newly installed system, their guide offers best-practice tips to make a charity’s project prosper.

To get this FREE guide, visit the Blackbaud website.