Important Funding News from Kent Community Foundation, Autumn 2023

The Kent Community Foundation (KCF) are currently carrying out important plans to improve the processes on how they receive, assess, and award funding for relaunch of their services in Spring 2024.

KCF advises the plans are intended to create a better experience for grant applicants, as well as to make sure The Foundation meets the standards that would be expected from them.

Starting in the New Year of 2024, KCF say there will be a pause in The Foundation taking in funding applications to make way for a new system to be put in place and be up and running successfully.

They say they anticipate this new system will be ready by early February 2024, and reassure they will keep people up to date through their dedicated webpages and through their Funding and News Updates.

The Foundation has issued important dates for new and existing applicants to keep interested parties informed and updated, and there is a FAQs and What to Do section about this announcement on their website.

KCF do stress that if their groups or individuals who need help with completing their form or have further questions before they can complete and submit their application, they can still contact KCF’s Grants Team on 01303 814 500.

The Foundation also say if there is anyone at all unsure about how this affects them or their funding application, nomination or submission of impact monitoring, KCF ask that they again get in touch and they will be able to help on 01303 814 500.

More information about this important news is available at the KCF website.