Improving Life Chances and Supporting People and Communities in most Need – Introducing Medway Together, February 2022

Various community projects in Medway are to receive a share of Government money following successful bids to a national funding pot.

Different programmes each designed to either help people into employment, increase digital inclusion or improve upon the life chances for young people will all benefit from Community Renewal Fund (CRF) money, through a project known as Medway Together.

Last year, Medway Council encouraged local organisations to apply for CRF money which would be used to provide more modern approaches to offer skills, wellbeing, and employability support for young adults, disabled and vulnerable people or underemployed groups. Medway Voluntary Action were pleased to introduce Central YMCA to the local VCS and support the development of a collaborative bid for Medway.

The result is Medway Together– a collaboration of public, voluntary and community partners, each offering various solutions towards wellbeing and employment.

These various partners have now been allocated cash from the CRF, which was designed to help local areas set up and prepare for replacement funding programmes as previously provided by the European Union.

Whether it’s setting up work placements, networking with employers, providing new learning and skills, self-employment, even career planning, the Medway Together partners say they are here to find that pathway which will work for the people they help.

Various projects specifically designed for the Medway region will be launching shortly, both locally and online, each one offering valuable prospects and outcomes, be it renewed confidence, new knowledge, new contacts, new job prospects or a plan for a better future.

Stay tuned with MVA for further updates.