Keeping Ukrainian people in touch with Loved Ones – National Databank from CAS Training and The Good Things Foundation, March 2022

Local community group CAS Training have now joined national organisation The Good Things Foundation to offer free mobile data to help those escaping the conflict in Ukraine.

As the UK's leading digital and social inclusion charity, The Good Things Foundation have supported over 2 million people to improve their digital skills since 2010, and their National Databank was launched in direct response to the need for mobile networks to find a long-term solution to the data poverty crisis at a national level.

Considering recent events, The Foundation has expressed their concern about the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

To show their support to all refugees arriving in the UK, The Foundation is extending their offer to also provide free mobile data to those escaping the conflict and are inviting all
organisations who work with refugees to sign up to the databank.

On behalf of The Foundation, local organisation CAS training is one such group offering this data service.

To find out more, you can email CAS training at, or call 01322 389144.