King’s Fund News Round-up, February 2023

MVA offer a selection of recent articles from national charity The Kings Fund.

Podcast - Charting the Nation’s Health
The King’s Fund sit with Chief Data Reporter for the Financial Times newspaper to discuss what data can tell us about the health of our nation, as well as examine the state of the system meant to help us get better and stay healthy.

As one of the nation's most important assets, a healthy population is valuable in its own right as it creates value for society.

Further to this, a healthy nation also allows people to participate in family life, participate in the community and the workplace.

Everyone needs to be able to rely on Public Health Services when they are unwell, so a properly resourced health care system is vital, even though staying healthy depends on more than health care.

Keeping track of a nation's health is important as it can make health easier for decision makers and people alike to consider this as a nation’s asset, which can go up as much as go down.

The data which can be recorded also improves decision making in Government policy, both at local and national levels.

So, what can data tell us about the health of our nation, and the state of the system meant to help us get better, and stay healthy?

The King’s Fund take a look at this and more in their latest podcast about big ideas in health and care.

In a sincere discussion with Chief Data Reporter for the Financial Times newspaper, they explore the NHS, social care, and areas related to what's in store for health and care in 2023.

To listen to the podcast, visit The King’s Fund website.

Planning a Sustainable Future for the Health and Care Workforce
The King’s Fund take a detailed look at why politicians or authorities have not shown much effort on delivering the workforce that the health and care system needs.

It is said that to make sure of suitable levels of staff being available to deliver safe, high-quality care to patients and service users, there needs to be an effective workforce plan.

Creating an effective workforce should require an evidence-based plan, which takes finances, activity, and performance plans into consideration.

Having such a plan is important because if it was seen that there were staff shortages in healthcare, then a patients’ ability to access therapeutic care and treatment would be affected.

There could ultimately be a lack of patient involvement in decisions about their care, there would be a reduction in ward activities, and even patients' leave (or aftercare) could get cancelled.

It is evident that with the healthcare needs of the growing population in contrast to the existing healthcare workforce, there has been a growing concern that the quality of care will fall and the risk of safety issues for patients would go up.

However, throughout this time there is little to suggest that decision or policy makers, politicians, and the Government in general, have made any efforts to address this.

In a recent publication, national charity The King’s Fund take an extensive look at why politicians have not yet delivered the workforce that the health and care system, and its patients, truly need.

They explore the range of actions that the workforce plan for health and care needs to cover, as well as offer valid considerations to help grow and support the given health and care workforce.

To read the report, visit the King’s Fund website.

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