Medway’s New VCS Transformation Academy The Story So Far

Have you heard about Medway's VCS Transformation Academy & Medway Charities Alliance?

Medway's new VCS Transformation Academy & Alliance is now well underway allowing for the opportunity for Medway’s VCS to radically transform how it operates and allow this generation of leaders to shape the future of the VCS both locally and, thanks to our academic partners in this initiative, nationally.

The VCS Transformation Academy & Alliance is funded by the Lottery Community Fund, which MVA secured the funding for (and are secretariat of) with the view to helping Medway's VCS to get together and lead the change for Medway.

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Medway's new Transformation Academy is a three-year project where the founding members of the group decide on the agenda and the actions to move it forward. The project is also supported by academics at Nottingham Trent University through their Knowledge Transfer Partnership.

The Academy is made up of a diverse range of organisations and groups, has a combination of large and small VCS organisations and represents a wide range of communities across Medway.

Since its inception the Transformation Academy members have now met twice and have been looking into how their organisation's operate, the challenges they face and thinking bigger for the future, not just for their own organisation, but for the group as a whole.

At MVA's recent online community update meeting, Academy & Alliance members delivered a project update and provided an opportunity for attendees to ask live questions to a panel of members, which was very well received.

During the last 'in-person' meeting members of the Academy & Alliance were tasked to think big for the future and whilst sharing this with the group it was apparent that there were a number of common shared themes across the group.

The more notable of the themes you can see in an infographic by clicking HERE.

Here's what some of the founding members had to say when asked about how the Transformation Academy & Alliance will help local VCS organisations:

“It will allow them to grow” - Michelle Trumper - wHoo Cares

“The Academy and Alliance makes you think outside of your own organisation” - Councillor Simon Curry – Medway Urban Greenspaces Forum

“It is good for us all to understand that whatever we are doing individually, this has an impact on the community at large” - Neil Charlick – Medway Street Angels

Does this sound like something you want to be part of? There is still time to get involved! Contact a member of their team on 01634 812 850 or by email on

Click HERE to read more about both projects on MVA's website.