News Round-up, August 2021

MVA brings a selection of recent local and national news announcements for the Voluntary Sector.

#AreTheySafe? FREE Safeguarding Events for the Voluntary Sector
NAVCA have launched the Every Person, Every Conversation project, a scheme designed to make a difference to charity organisations and those they support.
Do you work in the voluntary sector as a member of staff, volunteer or trustee?
Have you ever been concerned about someone’s safety but were unsure what to do next?
Do you want to find out a bit about how to recognise and report safeguarding concerns and help keep people safe from harm?
Maybe you know and you want to empower your team, your colleagues and your networks to also know?

Then NAVCA invite you to join in on one of a series of FREE safeguarding events, whether you are a safeguarding expert or new to this world and wish to learn more.
NAVCA have been working closely with Community Action Suffolk and Basingstoke Voluntary Action to produce a resource pack and series of events aimed at raising awareness of recognising and reporting safeguarding concerns and challenging stereotypes.
The on-line events which NAVCA are also hosting are FREE for staff, volunteers and trustees of voluntary sector organisations. These events will include an overview of the latest safeguarding issues, the launch of the #AreTheySafe resource pack plus a discussion on how to keep these conversations happening.
The South East Event will be happening on Tuesday 14th September 2021, from 9.30am till midday.
To book your place or find out more, visit the NAVCA website.

Charity Digital podcast - Burnout and the UK Charity Sector
National newscaster Charity Digital explore how charities can counter burnout by supporting staff and volunteers, to make sure of a healthy work-life balance, tackle post-lockdown anxiety, and much more.
It is starting to become recognised that this pandemic has taken its toll on the charity sector.
With many of us are feeling fed-up with the persistence of the pandemic, and the frustration caused by the promise of a so-called new normal that doesn’t look like it would be with us any time soon, it seems the charity sector is struggling to find enthusiasm amongst the ever-growing list of restrictions we need to agree to and follow.
The charity sector is experiencing burnout – and however much the profession seems to be rewarding and motivating, how do you deal with a growing issue being felt across the country, especially in charities and similar groups?
Charity Digital looks to address this. In their podcast they explore why in particular charity workers are more vulnerable to burnout and how leadership teams can support their staff and volunteers.
To listen to the podcast, you can visit the Charity Digital website.

Risk Management template for Event Organisers
The UK Government has published resources to help event organisers to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission in event settings.
When used in conjunction with the events and attractions guidance, The Department for Digital Culture, media and Sport (DCMS) advises this checklist can help event organisers to identify risks and risk management options specific to their event or setting.
The resource includes an example of a risk management template for an indoor event with free movement of attendees and high crowd density.
These resources can be found on The Government website.

#EveryMindMattters – 11 tips to cope with anxiety about coming out of lockdown
For a lot of people the easing of lockdown restrictions brings opportunity to see friends, play sports, resume contact with family in ‘real space’ or get back to work or routines that we value.
But these much anticipated changes and re-adjustment can be difficult for some people’s mental health. For others, it is the prospect of coming out of lockdown when debate is still live about the science supporting it which can be a real worry.
There may be some who are unsure about the changes to rules on masks, social distancing, to work or about socialising, and this may especially apply to those more vulnerable to the virus and those of us with mental health concerns.
As part of their #EveryMindMatters campaign, NHS have published tips guidance to help people cope with anxiety about coming out of lockdown. Click here to view the guidance.

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