The Happy Manifesto Podcast, March 2023

Producers Henry Stewart and Maureen Egbe from present a series of FREE podcasts that talk to experts and to leaders who share their ideas to create happy workplaces.

Imagine a workplace where people are in control of the work they do. Where they have freedom, within clear guidelines, to achieve their results.

And imagine they are able to have the life balance they want.

Launched recently, The Happy Manifesto podcasts are for senior leaders and managers who want to transform their workplace.

This series of FREE broadcasts from focuses on giving real examples that people can take away and implement at their organisation.

Follow Henry Stewart, CEO of Happy, and Maureen Egbe, Senior Facilitator and Confidence Activator at Happy as they interview leadership gurus about their ideas that create happy workplaces.

Based around The Happy Manifesto written by Henry, the series also talks with leaders of organisations who have used the Manifesto’s principles to create happy workplaces.

To listen to these FREE podcasts, visit The Happy Manifesto website.