The King’s Fund – Exploring Health Inequalities, August 2022

The King’s Fund revisit their explainer on Health Inequalities and explore how this condition is experienced amongst England’s population.

Health Inequalities are the wide-ranging differences in the status of health within different population groups. These inequalities can have significant cost both socially and economically to both individuals and the greater community.

There have been various observations and studies to show that social factors, which include education, employment status, income level, gender and ethnicity can influence how healthy a person is.

Around the world, whether a defined nation of low-income, middle or high-income, there can be gaps and variations to the levels of health experienced in different social groups:

The less fortunate an individual’s social or economic position, the greater the risk of poor health.

The King’s Fund provide further details in their recently updated explainer, offering an overview of how health inequalities are experienced within England's population.

To read the explainer, visit The King’s Fund website.