The King’s Fund – How Integrated Care Systems will work under the Health and Care Bill

The King’s Fund explore how planning and partnership bodies could work together based on the provisions currently drafted in the recent Health and Care Bill.

The UK Government’s Health and Care Bill is intended to provide opportunity to improve the prospect for people's outcomes and experiences of care by combining and collaborating services in a better way both within the NHS and across the health and social care system.

The Government advise the Bill would be especially important for those people who come into contact with different services within NHS and Care services, say, as part of their treatment for illness or other health reason.

The NHS was mainly set up to provide occasional treatment for acute illness, but because of the growing numbers of elderly people and people living with long-term conditions, it now needs to deliver joined-up support.

As a result, the NHS and its partners need to work differently by providing more care in people’s homes and the community and remove anything that hinders co-operation between services, and Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) are the latest in a long line of proposals designed to address this by integrating care across local areas.

By showing how ICSs are part of an important change in the way the health and care system is organised, national charity The King’s Fund aim to show how planning and partnership bodies could work together based on the requirements currently drafted in the upcoming Bill.

To read their work on this subject, visit the King’s Fund website.