The Launch of the Macmillan South East and East of England Cancer Network, February 2022

National Charity Macmillan Cancer Support has set up a new network for people affected by cancer in the South East and East of England.

The South East and East of England Cancer Network is a virtual network for anyone living or working in the South East or East of England that is interested in getting involved with opportunities to improve Macmillan cancer information and support services, or who want to hear about cancer engagement in their community.

Macmillan say it is important that people living with or affected by cancer are at the centre of any vital changes which affect them and that they should have a way to share their experiences and get involved, which was why they created the network.

Whether it’s a person that has been diagnosed or has survived cancer, is the family or friend of a patient or works with people with a diagnosis, Macmillan says that these people are well-placed to help them see where the gaps in cancer support are, and how their charity can work to improve these for future people affected by cancer.

Want to get involved?
To become a member of the network, Macmillan ask you complete their survey to let them know how you would like to be involved.