To Help make Simple, Positive Change – The Relaunch of Medway Can Funding, July/August 2022

Medway Can will shortly be making another call for applications to fund local projects helping people be more active and become healthier.

Partnered with A Better Medway and local authorities, Medway Can is a health campaign designed to inspire local people to make simple changes to their daily routine to create a healthier version of themselves.

They do this by helping to host activities in the local area from park runs, yoga classes and other fun events that people can do to get active.

Medway is said to have one of the highest overweight and obesity rates in the South-East, with over 2 in 3 adults and over 1 in 3 of year 6 children in Medway being either obese or not the healthy weight for their size or build.

But there are a growing number of events and activities in the local area aimed at motivating and helping people to move and get active, and with the return of the funding comes opportunity for more events to be held.

Relaunching in August, funding will be available for communities to get involved in the Medway Can campaign, supporting local organisations help tackle obesity in Medway.

Monies can be used to organise healthy activities, like Yoga clubs, Dance events, Fun Runs or Healthy Cooking Classes, or for equipment to help with the events.

For more information and how to apply, visit the Medway Can website.