To Listen, To Reflect – The Medway and Swale Listens HCP Mental Wellbeing Workshop, June 2022

MVA invite you to attend a FREE interactive workshop where Health Care Professionals (HCP) stakeholders and various decision makers can listen to and discuss what is impacting the wellbeing of the population across Medway and Swale, and what can be done to address this.

In late October 2021, local partnership Kent & Medway Listens asked the public their thoughts and opinions about how they are feeling, as well as inviting them to share their ideas on how to improve the quality of mental health support in Kent and Medway, welcoming any response.

The survey was conducted by Kent County Council (KCC) and Kent & Medway Clinical Commission Group (KMCCG), who fund the Live Well Kent & Medway programme and other mental health services in the county. Their aim is to gather the views and experiences of people who could benefit from these services.

The results of the survey are being presented in this FREE online workshop, where local authorities, NHS, community organisations, charities, and other interested parties with a passion for improving the wellbeing of residents of Medway and Swale can attend and hear what is impacting the wellbeing of the population across Medway and Swale.

Attendees will also have opportunity to reflect on the results and have interactive discussions to explore what more can be done to address the issues that have been identified.

This FREE workshop will take place online on Monday 13th June 2022, From 10.00am till 1.00pm

To find out more and register for this FREE workshop, visit the organiser’s dedicated booking portal.