VCS Transformation Academy - Learn More about the Academy

Members of the Transformation Academy are an inclusive group, with a cross section of large and small organisations, with a diverse range of organisations representing communities across Medway. Members have been exploring how their organisations operate, the challenges they face, and ‘thinking bigger’ for their own organisation and as a group. They are committed to developing more shared goals and setting the agenda as a group going forward.

The benefits of being a member of the Academy include:

- Gaining access to unique, exclusive free training which can help you and your organisation. At a recent training session held with the Transformation Academy, 91% of members stated what they learned was ‘useful for their own organisations’.

- Work with, network with and learn from other likeminded peers in the VCS."To share what I know and to benefit from what others know (has been so helpful)." Transformation Academy Member.

- Be a part of radical change in Medway and the wider VCS community.

“Now, it is about thinking differently.” Transformation Academy Member

Although members participate in the Academy on the basis of Generous Leadership, they can also access payments for participation in some of the workstreams within the Academy. In the first year of the Transformation Academy, one third of members who volunteered to be a part of Task & Finish Groups received three payments. In the second year of the Transformation Academy, one third of members have volunteered to be accredited coaches offer coaching to the sector.

Currently there are no spaces to being a member however if you are interested to being put on a list to join the Transformation Academy please email

If you are interested on being on the list just to let you know it is free to join and you will not only be able to contribute to the strategic future of Medway and Swales VCS, you will also be able to network, personally develop and access high-quality skills and information to benefit your group or organisation.

If you want to know more about the Academy, please email us at or contact us on 01634 812 850 or for more details.

The Transformation Academy has concluded its first year objectives and the second year has started and is now in progress with its year two objective.

Don’t take our word for the work being done, listen to some of the founding members:

"Now, it is about thinking differently"
Martyn Reeves – Friends of Wisdom Hospice

"The benefits of working together only make us more resilient and more prepared for future challenges" Rupa Sen – Medway Diversity Forum

"It is good for us all to understand that what we are doing individually, this has an impact on the community at large" - Neil Charlick – Gillingham Street Angels

"The chosen year one goal of 'Sustainability' will allow the Transformation Academy to focus its collective energy on a number of key pieces of work that contribute to this overall theme, including recruitment, contract pricing, advocacy of the third sector and others." John Norley, Age UK Medway.