What Works for Us, and What we Need to Work on – A Measure of UK Quality of Life from ONS, September 2022

The UK Parliament’s Office of National Statistics (ONS) has updated the Measures of National Well-being Dashboard, offering an overview of how the nation is doing in areas that matter most to the public.

This update supports their on-going work in reporting the quality of life in the UK, which provides further insights into how the UK is doing across different areas of life.

The measurement of UK national well-being reflects at that time how people are doing as individuals, how they are doing as communities and as a nation.

This reporting of change over time provides supporting information to assess the country’s progress, as well as its sustainability of national well-being for the future.

The ONS’ Measures of National Well-being Dashboard provides a visual overview of different indicators of its well-being, based on the opinions from an individual and community setting.

These overviews are sorted into different areas which include: Personal Well-being, Relationships, What we Do, Where we Live, Personal Finance, Health, Education & Skills, Governance, Economy, and Environment.

For more information or to view the updated dashboard, visit the ONS website.