Win them Back – A Guide to Help Charities Re-engage Volunteers, August 2021

Advisory group Galaxy Digital have compiled resources to help charities encourage volunteers to return in light of COVID-19.

Volunteers are sometimes the first people sent to the frontline during a time of community need, a natural disaster or even a crisis. However the pandemic presented nearly everyone with a very different situation, where charity programs and fundraising were suspended, and volunteers asked to stay at home.

For volunteer involving organisations, it’s important to look ahead to the time when there would be a need for volunteers to return and support a charity’s work.

As charities bring volunteers back into their organisations, they would have to think about how these people are supported as they re-engage, and although it is still unclear when it would be a safe time to do this, it would still pay for an charity to plan some ways to keep volunteers and supporters close to your organisation and ready to return when you need them.

International group Galaxy Digital look to answer this. From re-establishing regular communication to a welcome back package, their guide aims to help charities re-engage with volunteers, and bring them back with renewed enthusiasm.

For more information and to read their guide visit the Galaxy Digital website.