Charity Digital - Fundraising Facts you Need to Know in 2024

Newscaster Charity Digital investigates the facts that define fundraising in 2024, aimed at helping fundraisers tackle the challenges of the sector today.

Over the past few years, the environment of fundraising has transformed, and for charity fundraisers it’s easy to feel like being in a continuous game of catch-up.

They might often have to consider what are the top ways to give, or if their charity should consider investing in, say, text-to-give tools, or how their charity keeps their online donors engaged.

Nowadays it seems online fundraising is an essential part that any charity needs to consider in their plans going forward: and it’s a trend that is only likely to become more common.

Newscaster Charity Digital has created an outline of fundraising facts in 2024, looking at how things like the changing economy and social trends are affecting donors and charities alike.

From looking at how our changing economy is affecting donors and charities to exploring trends in fundraising, the resources are intended to help fundraisers tackle the challenges of the sector today

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