Charity Digital - How to Communicate Organisational Change, June 2023

Newscaster Charity Digital offer guidance on how charities can effectively let staff know about changes happening in their organisation or group.

Of all the things we can be sure of, we can be certain in knowing that change is constant.

Whether it’s a collaboration, a merger or acquisition, setbacks in the growth of a company, a shake-up in leadership, policy updates throughout a company — whatever the change, the impact it would have on employees is also certain.

In our modern times, we have witnessed many well-known organisations around the world work through different stages of change management and become more successful.

Whether we were made aware or have seen these changes (or not) organisations who communicate their change publicly would certainly deliver this news internally, which could be tricky for any sized company.

Granted, change isn’t always easy, but keeping employees involved, keeping them informed and empowered during the process makes a big difference in both the employee experience and the outcome of the change.

Clear communication is vital as there is recent evidence suggesting some change programs fail to achieve their goals, and for the most part this is due to employee resistance.

So, how do you craft reassuring communications that can relieve employee nerves during times of change?

National Newscaster Charity Digital explore some best practices for communicating change in the workplace which could offer a good path to a smooth transition.

From advice like giving as much detail as you can, to being honest and open, they offer guidance on how a charity can communicate change effectively.

To read the guidance, visit the Charity Digital website.

The VCS Transformation Academy & Alliance recently attended a training session about Effective Change Management delivered by Modern Gov, gaining valuable and worthwhile insight from the session.

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