Charity Digital - How to Prevent Fraud and Drive Donations, Winter 2024

Newscaster Charity Digital offers an eBook from international solutions provider Melissa which offers charities best practice advice to prevent fraud and drive donations.

Charities and similar organisations have a responsibility to the immediate and wider community, this is because they obtain a lot of their funding through public donations to do the work they do.

And with the growing problem of fraud that continues to disrupt the sector, there’s an ongoing need to maintain donor data that is clean, accurate, but above all trustworthy and reliable.

Having an awareness of fraud and recognising the risks that could lead to it happening is a great first step to preventing financial crime and financial abuse in a charity.

This then allows them to get the right guidance to help them manage any risks better and prevent any abuse.

Charities may not be able to protect themselves completely from fraud or financial abuse all the time, but Trustees can work to strengthen the safeguards in their charities to reduce their vulnerabilities and the chance it would happen.

This in turn would help make the most of recovering any monies or resources if any fraud does happen – and these safeguards would reduce the likelihood of this type of crime happening again.

It is also said one of the best ways that charities can protect themselves is to make sure they have robust governance and strong financial controls.

They should also make sure they have effective risk assessment and management policies and procedures in place.

Melissa’s FREE eBook through newscaster Charity Digital explores all this, describing the number of potential threats charities are exposed to regularly, and how they can employ flexible tools to safely avoid them.

It also provides valuable insight into the benefits of holding clean, accurate and enriched customer data so charities create and develop better relationships with, drive more revenue from, and find more of their best donors.

To find out more and download this FREE eBook, visit the Charity Digital website.

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