Charity Digital News Round-up (part 2), Winter 2022

MVA offers a selection of headlines from national newscaster Charity Digital.

How to make Recruitment Disability-inclusive
By actively recruiting candidates with disabilities, an organisation could help attract a broader talent pool and build a more diverse team, with the potential of including highly qualified candidates.

But, without paying attention to your word choices, job requirements, and recruitment steps, you could unknowingly discourage disabled job seekers from applying in the first place.

So, how can you strengthen your hiring practices to recruit candidates with disabilities?

Charity Digital explore Inclusive recruitment, covering the aspects of candidate experience from discovery and attraction right through to application, onboarding and beyond.

Their guidance shows given practices which can offer a barrier-free experience where everyone can embrace and achieve the full recruitment journey on a level playing field.

To read this guidance, visit the Charity Digital website.

Podcast 100 - Climate Change and the Charity Sector
In their recent podcast, members of the Charity Digital team explore the relationship between climate change and the charity sector, and how charities can get really involved.

This podcast (their 100th episode) can be found at the Charity Digital website.

Ten Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Actions for your Charity
Where many organisations have put equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) into greater focus over the last few years, there would always be room for improvement.

It is a given that diverse teams foster better employee engagement and productivity, and it can also allow for better problem-solving abilities.

This trouble-shooting ability can often be because varying perspectives and different points-of-view would approach the challenges of that business in a new way. This can be seen as a good thing.

EDI was also discussed at MVA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) for 2022, which also brought together Medway’s VCS to celebrate their successes and the amazing work of their volunteers.

Most charities are working to put EDI programmes and practice in place as it is important to create a more equitable and supportive workplace for everyone.

So, what else can an organisation do to create a work environment of inclusion and belonging?

National newscaster Charity Digital provide guidance on this subject with their list of practical actions that charities can take to improve equality, diversity, and inclusion.

From seemingly small details to worthwhile measures to help create genuinely inclusive working culture, they offer guidance to show that equality and diversity isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the smart way to run an organisation that works.

To read the guidance, visit the Charity Digital website.

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