Inclusion Resources for Charities, March 2023

Digital consultants Zoe Amar Digital offer a collection of resources covering the topic of inclusion from a global perspective designed to help charities in their practices.

Diversity in the workplace is essential to create a thriving business. This is more so when it comes to employee engagement.

Workplace diversity encourages creativity and innovation. This is because every team member brings their own unique backgrounds, their own experiences, and perspectives to the table.

Diverse teams foster better productivity, allowing for better problem-solving abilities as varying perspectives can often approach business challenges in a new way.

As reported previously, whilst companies recognise the benefits and nurture diverse teams in the interest of better employee engagement, there will always be potential for more that can be done.

The charity sector supports a diverse range of communities, people and causes. However, this diversity is often not reflected in its personnel, and people sometimes find it difficult to talk openly about what drives discrimination and exclusion.

By recognizing and including diversity in everything you do throughout the place of work, a company or organisation would actively show their on-going commitment to employee connection:

Ultimately, a worker feels valued and would be encouraged to stay with the company.

So, what can a company do to make meaningful efforts towards diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as providing that sense of belonging?

Digital consultants Zoe Amar Digital explore this topic by offering a shortlist of resources to help charities in their efforts to provide an inclusive working environment.

From healing from racial trauma to resources to guide your practice and podcasts, their collection explores inclusion from a global perspective.

To view the resource, visit the Zoe Amar website.