Respond, Recover, Reset – How The Charity Sector changed through The Pandemic, June 2022

A report has been released from a nationwide project examining the impact of COVID-19 on voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations.

Two years after the UK went into its first national lockdown, the last report of the Charity Covid-19 Impact Barometer Survey Project has been released through Nottingham Trent University, exploring how the charity sector has adapted and changed throughout the time of the pandemic.

Working in collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University and the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), The “Respond, Recover, Reset” report gathered its findings based on live and continuous research since the beginning of Autumn 2020.

The report also looks back on the two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, how it challenged the Charity Sector in the UK, and how it has shaped and influenced it to be the Sector it is today.

As reported previously, MVA worked with Nottingham Trent contributing to these national findings in work done previously.

Putting an emphasis on flexibility, modernisation, and working with others in the face of crisis being essential qualities offered to the resilience of charities in the UK amidst the pandemic, the report documents how charities reported concerns about their finances, and how they saw a rise in demand for their help.

The report also explores how charities worked through having reduced sources of income, the availability of staff and volunteers, and adapted to online technology to continue offering their products, their services, or support.

The Final Report is now available at the project’s website.

MVA continues its efforts to understand the kind of support needed to create a stronger and better-connected Charity Sector. Till the end of June 2022, you can share your views through their live survey to help them develop an overall ‘picture’ for the VCS in Medway where organisations thrive.

MVA’s Transformation Academy, and the MVA Alliance
The insights and lessons that were highlighted in the “Respond, Recover, Reset” report covered key themes such as the providing a collaborative approach to form a stronger charity sector.

The report also explored making funding more flexible and accessible, allowing it to be easier to offer the help and support to growing and diverse of needs within community.

These themes provided the basis for the launch of The MVA Transformation Academy, and The MVA Transformation Alliance, two initiatives created and facilitated by MVA to give a more resilient and a sustainable future for VCS in Medway - and initiatives which are continuing to grow today.

For more information, you can contact a member of the MVA team on 01634 812 850. You can also email them at